CMMS specialist for 20 years

The first version of our CMMS was born in 1988 on HP-3000 in the IT department of an international automotive equipment manufacturer in close collaboration with the maintenance managers of the group’s subsidiaries. In 1994, the company Apisoft International was created by the manager of the software’s development project. The application has soon been redeveloped on Windows client/server with multiple platforms and multiple databases. The software is now named OptiMaint and allows to Apisoft International to offer one of the only CMMS solutions developed from its origins by maintenance managers.

In constant evolution since its creation, the company Apisoft International reinvented itself to adapt to the demand. In the highly specialized CMMS market, a human-size company allows a privileged relationship between us and our customers. Most of the software evolutions are now suggested by OptiMaint’s users. This guarantees them the software meets their real on ground requirements. Today this partnership is our first proof of success. Moreover, the level of expertise of each department added to performing internal tools created on-demand increase the dynamism and efficiency of Apisoft International to manage your project and solve potential problems. With more than 20 years of experience, we guide you today in all the steps of a CMMS project, from the writing of your specifications to the implementation follow-up.

In a few years Apisoft International became a leading actor in the CMMS market and is now one of the fifth main editors in France with more than 800 customers and 5000 users around the world.

From the 5th of January, Apisoft merged with the CMMS and after-sale solutions editor DIMO Maint, subsidiary of the Group DIMO Software. This operation includes the integration of all the members of Apisoft (Research & Development, Support and Sales). Thus, both editors strengthen their position of leader in France offering a wider range of expert solutions to Small, Medium and Larger companies with a national or international scale. Learn more

A complete expertise for your project

Apisoft International isn’t only a software editor. We offer all the services to ensure the best implementation of the software and the best achievement of your project:
  • Specification writing
  • Organization Consultancy
  • Guidance in data transfer and importation
  • Administrators and users training
  • Guidance in configuration
  • Customized interfaces and KPIs development
  • Hosting solutions
  • Technical support and remote maintenance
  • Project follow-up audit
OptiMaint on HP3000
1. In 1988, HP3000 welcomes the OptiMaint CMMS

Apisoft created in 1994
2. Then Apisoft is created in 1994

Human-size growing
3. 2001, human-size growing

Leader in CMMS market
4. 2005, a recognized leader in CMMS market

800 customers
5. 2013, 800 customers all around the world
800 customers
6. In 2016, Apisoft joins DIMO Maint
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