IT Aspects

No need to change your IT infrastructure

Our technical department ensures the compatibility of OptiMaint with all the latest Windows exploitation systems. Thus, OptiMaint now runs in Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Moreover, we offer a compatibility with multiple databases. This allows the customers to keep the database they already use or to go for a freeware to avoid extra expenses. OptiMaint works with SQL Server (including on the Express version), Oracle (including the Express versions), Access, DB2/400, Sybase, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

As a conclusion, OptiMaint can perfectly be integrated in your existing IT system without requiring any change, not even an additional server as it doesn’t need a dedicated server.

Various possible configurations for a customized installation

OptiMaint can be installed in a standalone version or in a network with an unlimited number of customer PCs. Thanks to remote tools (Terminal Server or Citrix) OptiMaint can be accessed on one server by several locations, laptops or a tablet PCs. Finally, it is possible to choose a hosted version of the software (hosting can be provided by Apisoft or by any external provider).

For your information, please find below an exemple of a client-server architecture with dedicated database server:

Client server architecture with a database server

Additional tools to optimize the broadcasting and the use of the CMMS

  • OptiCom: provided with the software, this extension is free and allows an unlimited number of simultaneous accesses to create work requests, place purchase requests, update meters and manage both equipments and members schedule.
  • Web WR: accessed from a simple web browser, this work request on-line form enables to broadcast easily the work request including outside your network.
  • OptiMaint mobile : install OptiMaint on an unlimited number of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and synchronize using USB or wifi/3G to allow the full mobility of your members.
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