Why a CMMS ?
A real decision-making tool to optimize material, human and financial resources

For who ?

A CMMS meets firstly the requirements of maintenance departments in charge of maintaining or repairing equipments to make them as available as possible for an optimal output. It is also useful to production, management and financial departments of a company to know instantaneously the estate’s status and to get the adequate KPIs to make the right decisions (ex: replace a machine).

How ?

Concretely it covers the following functional range:
Equipment Management
Inventory, location, composition, fixed asset follow-up, data and document management.
Maintenance Management
Corrective/curative (WO) and preventive/systematic/condition-based/forecasted/predictive.
Security and Safety Management
Consignment, authorizations, safety notes, lifting of reservation, audit trails, ISO standards, FDA, ATEX, 21CFR11…
Stock Management
Stockrooms, quantities, replenishment, pick-lists, replacement item, rotation rate, reservations, suppliers…
Purchase Management
Spare parts or services, complete purchase cycle (RFQ > purchase request > PO > receipt and return > invoice)…
Human Resources and planning Management
Activities, skills, holidays, 3x8/2x8, workload schedule, forecast, clocking in…
Cost and budget Management
Labour / stocks / purchases, budgets creation, specific projects handling, periodic follow-up, cost-effectiveness, break-event point, depreciation…
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Dash board, statistics, alerts, customized reports…


Why ?

  • Increase the availability, traceability and reliability of the assets for more efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.
  • Improve the maintenance (achieved internally or outsourced) planning and capitalize on experience for less numbered, frequent, serious and time-consuming interventions.
  • Improve cost control and purchase and stock management to optimize budgets.
  • Help in making decisions thanks to clear and precise reports.
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