Why OptiMaint ?

The good balance

OptiMaint is the ALTERNATIVE between complex, expensive CMMS with long implementations and solutions with limited and too simple features that can meet your current requirement but won’t enable any evolution because of their light functional coverage.

To meet the requirements of small, medium or large structures in any sector

  • Industry: born in the heart of industry, our solution meets the requirements of industrial maintenance departments for whom the maximum availability of the assets is the top priority.
  • Services : thanks to the full-web work request and out mobility solutions on tablet or Pocket PC, our application allows a direct communication with the customers and a real-time work reporting by the technicians.
  • Facility : including the management of subcontractors, our software fits on the ground reality of building and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Medical : matching the traceability standards’ expectations (ISO, FDA…), OptiMaint is perfectly adapted to the expectations of hospitals or laboratories.
  • Transport : thanks to a precise follow-up of meters and measurements, our CMMS gathers all the key indicators required for a rolling stock maintenance management.
  • Administration : integrating the RFQ (Request for Quotation) in the purchase cycle, our tool fulfills the specific conditions of Administration bodies due to tenders.

OptiMaint can be used in several sectors which makes it the ideal solution to manage a varied patrimony inside the same structure. For instance it is possible to manage subcontractors on facilities, maintain production equipments, follow-up on the company vehicle fleet and handle the warranties of your IT infrastructure in only one application. It is also possible to manage the stock of several departments such as the spare parts for maintenance and the consumables for general services.

OptiMaint adapts not only to your sector but also to your size. Our customers have between 1 and 250 simultaneous accesses given to their need and use only the functionalities they require. As it can adapt to different sizes of companies, OptiMaint can also adapt to the management of services, departments, locations or subsidiaries of different sizes, with different requirements or with various levels of competence.

Thanks to an easy, powerful, user-friendly and customizable tool

  • Simplified parameters: the customization doesn’t require specific IT skills as it is done thanks to simple check boxes.
  • Complete adaptation: the wording can be modified and the windows and the screens of the software are customizable (displayed, hidden, compulsory, standard or new fields) given to the person or the context.
  • Fast implementation : it is possible to start with a limited part of the activity and deploy step by step afterwards or to import right away all the existing data thanks to simple Excel files.
  • Immediate assimilation : in order to be as user-friendly as possible, all the screens are standardized, the users see only the menus they need and the action buttons are represented by icons that are easy to identify.
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