Budget management
Define annual budgets with automatic cost allocations

An easy way to follow up your budgets

OptiMaint’s budgets management allows to define rapidly budgets allocated to tree view levels or to external accounts and to compare them to the real expenses.

The budget is defined on a financial year with a possible breakdown by month, by type (labour, items, invoices) and by nature (preventive, curative, miscellaneous or any sub-category created: mechanic, electric, hydraulic…).

Information automatically updated and always available

OptiMaint allocates automatically the costs given to the budgets defined. That’s why it allows knowing at any time the maintenance cost of an equipment, a production line, a work shop, a building, electric failures…

Moreover, a histogram gives a graphic view of the comparison between the forecasted and achieved expenses. It is also possible to look at the amount in process or achieved, the commitment percentage and the remaining balance. This enables to anticipate to reduce the expenses, justify extra budget requests or identify your investment capability for new projects.

The following years OptiMaint will offer to define budgets based on the former ones or the real expenses with the possibility of adding a percent of variation (+ or -).
Budget management
Simple and efficient tools to manage all your budgets
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