Project management

Need to follow-up on a specific project?

OptiMaint provides a simple project management tool to follow up on investment projects outside of your operating budget (improvement, conception, new constructions…).

A simple and user-friendly management

For any new projects, define easily a budget (with a possible breakdown by expense type: labour, items, outsourced services), forecast start and end dates, attach documents, link it to your analytical tree view or add your own fields.

Every day, the members use their usual screens (work order, activity sheet, withdrawal…) but can allocate the works, item consumption and invoices to a particular project using the dedicated field in each screen.

During the completion of the project, OptiMaint updates automatically a dashboard to compare initial, in process and achieved budgets and a standard reports that presents a real-time synthesis of the project.
Project management
Manage your projects the easy way
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