Stock management
Manage all the stock movements (receipts/withdrawals/etc) and inventories
OptiMaint manages stocks whether it is for spare parts, consumables, raw material or repairable items. This module can be interfaced to your purchase software to update automatically the stocks in OptiMaint.

The identity sheet gathers all the information related to the items

  • General information: equipments, components or routines for which the item can be used, attachments, technical features, safety notes…
  • Management settings: stocked or not, unit, minimum/maximum stock level, reorder point, replenishment quantity, bar-code…
  • Stock settings: one or several stockrooms, locations, weighted average cost (WAC), quantities available and to be delivered
  • Purchase settings: one or several suppliers, standard price, purchase unit, VAT code, delivery lead time, distribution costs…

The software can deal easily with all the stock movements and generate stock reports

  • Entries: automatic thanks to the receiving note or exceptional, simple or multiple
  • Withdrawals: on a work order, on an activity or on a cost center without any intervention report
  • Restocks and stockroom transfers
  • Inventories: on paper, on Excel, directly in the software or on a Pocket-PC, with or without bar-codes, continuous inventory or based on other criteria
  • Reports: stock valuation (current or past), movements history, dead stock, consumption follow-up, inventory discrepancies…
Stock cycle

Identity sheet
A complete identity sheet (bar code compatibility, safety instructions...)

4 ways to do your inventories
4 ways to do your inventories: Paper, Excel file, Bar codes and OptiMaint Mobile

Analysis reports
Plenty of analysis reports (sleeping stock, stock value...)
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