Work management

Make your company more efficient by optimizing your maintenance

The availability of assets depends on the organization, the scheduling and the fulfillment of maintenance works. That’s why OptiMaint offers a complete range of solutions to manage any type of maintenance: curative/preventive/condition-based, internal/outsourced, with/without contract, multiple/unique activity, simple/complex.

Functionalities that match your reality on ground

The Work Requests (WR) allow to production, customers or any department of the company to raise curative or improvement requests. The maintenance department can centralize, manage effectively and trace all the requests.
The Activity Sheet makes work reporting both easy and fast. The technicians can report their actions, update the equipment history or withdraw items in a few seconds.
The Work Orders (WO) can group several members including external service providers, purchases of specific items, levels of validation, procedures or attachments of any type in order to follow-up precisely of works even the most complex ones
The campaigns can manage work lists with multiple actions on all or part of your assets for a reporting equipment by equipment but in one simplified screen.
The preventive maintenance plans enable to schedule works given to a date, a meter or a measurement, to manage the work load on a scalable planning and to generate automatically the work orders with triggering events.
A mobility solution allows to work on-line or off-line thanks to a Pocket PC or to work directly on your server remotely on a tablet PC or a laptop
A clear, precise and customizable dashboard provides real-time follow-up on your maintenance activity. Notifications by email and automatic printings can also be added.
A simple and user-friendly tool facilitates the work orders allocation to the technicians depending on their schedule and/or their skills
Standard reports such as the MTBF, the MTTR, the availability rate, the ABC analysis, the cost and time breakdown per type of maintenance and the failure tree are quality KPIs to evolve towards an optimal maintenance of your assets
TPM activities
TPM activities for non qualified work orders

Work order
Complete work orders filled in seconds

A powerful dashboard to follow all your activities
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